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Chelsie Saragoza:


Chelsie began her teaching career on the island of Martha's Vineyard off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She earned her teaching certification at The Vineyard Pilates Center, under Stefan Knight a masters graduate of The Pilates Center here in Boulder. With a strong desire to expand her knowledge of Pilates, explore higher altitutes, and further her movement education the move to Colorado came in early 2012.  



Chelsie has spent a lot of time working with injured clients, helping them to find more options for efficient movement in their bodies and in their lives. She has experience teaching a variety of bodies ranging from adolescent to elderly, farmers to lawyers, rowers to horseback riders, and injured to elite athletes. She believes everyone deserves to move free of pain. Her goal is to empower people to feel the benefits of an improved self through contrology.         



Working with Chelsie, you will be encouraged to discover and harness within yourself the power to strengthen and heal. In her free time she enjoys applying her knowledge of mindful movement to activies such as climbing, cycling, hiking, and yoga.   





Jay Hart:  



 Founded The Pilates Doctor in 2006 as a Pilates studio services business, with an emphasis on bolstering and maintaining the health of studio owner’s investments. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, he is the son of a career wood craftsman, and spent over five years working for one of the top Pilates equipment manufacturers before moving to California to pursue his music. After 10 years of struggles and successes in the music industry, he moved back to Boulder, and soon he and Ethan were dreaming up their beautiful studio. If you’ve met Jay, you know he is incredibly passionate about health and fitness, and he is excited to have created a space to empower people to be their absolute best.    





Ethan Blumenhein:



Is a Boulder native with a love of music and fitness, and a commitment to healing. He spent 5 years in Los Angeles studying music and performing in numerous bands. After his years in Los Angeles he spent the following 2 years in Crestone, Colorado working on an organic farm and at Joyful Journey Hot Springs before returning to Boulder with a renewed focus and inspiration for positively affecting people’s lives. Ethan is an integral part of the downtown community, having served Boulder’s best and brightest early risers coffee for over 4 years at Amante coffee. His entrepreneurial spirit has kept him excited about growth and change through fitness, and he believes the Pilates Doctor Studio is the perfect opportunity to provide it.       






Elana Rabin:



Elana was introduced to Pilates during her studies at Sarah Lawrence College in New York – it was quite a new experience after growing up playing team sports and frequenting the gym. During a five-month tour around Japan and Europe, she discovered her calling was to educate others about the healthy movement of and how to connect with the human body. She received her Pilates training at the well-revered Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. During her two years in Boulder, her passion and appreciation for Pilates deepened once she recognized her strength, balance and body shape were all at a height they had never been before. But more importantly her recurring low back pain, tight hips and hamstring issues were quickly becoming less noticeable every day. She has spent time teaching in Paris, Manhattan, the Hamptons, Bellevue, Los Angeles and is now back in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. She has recently begun her Master’s Pilates Program in hopes of deepening her understanding of the Pilates method and successfully passing her knowledge onto her clients. Outside of the studio, she explores other movements such as weight training, acro-yoga, rock climbing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kettlebell training, running and dance.